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At Square One Organic Vodka, we believe in conscious living – being aware of the choices we make at every moment, whether we’re working or playing, and considering how those decisions affect every corner of the earth.  Happily, doing good no longer means doing without, but we all need to do something.  We’re proud to be part of the community that through its global consciousness, hard work, innovation, and sense of style has created what is being dubbed as the “eco-chic” movement.  No longer is a concern for the planet relegated to the realm of an obscure few:  On the contrary we are witnessing an exciting new paradigm in which having a heart and having fun can be one and the same. And for us, this starts at the source…at Square One


Our blog, Circle in the Square, is also our way of sharing more than just our philosophy on conscious living, but also peeks into the goings on when we are out and about on Square One biz.. Or Join the Community if you want hear when we have new profiles of Singular Spirits and Mixologists, or new events and seasonal cocktail recipes to share..


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